About Us

Why Choose Cedar Shake Restoration

Cedar Shake Restoration has focused on providing great service and great results at a great value. We are your full service exterior wood restoration contractor, serving Minnesota and Wisconsin. We expertise on restoration, preservation and building of a variety of exterior wood structures including decks, fences, cedar shake roofs, log cabins, gazebos, wood siding, and much more. We also offer exterior painting and touch ups.

If you choose us for your project, our employees, not sub contractors will be the people that work on your home. Each of our employee's has been trained by a certified technician and are covered under Workers' Comp Insurance. You might be surprised at the number of companies that use sub contractors to get around Workers' Comp Insurance. We also carry $1 million dollars in liability insurance.  

Experienced, well trained and motivated employees are much more productive and efficient than employees that are not. Well run companies, like Cedar Shake Restoration focus on eliminating errors, mistakes and injuries pay less in insurance costs than poorly run companies. We appreciate the fact that you have choices, we believe that you will find we provide superior value over our competitors. We are proud to say that we are yet to have any injury claims. 

A+ Rated Service

Not only have we been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but we’ve also received an A+ rating! We promise to give you an A+ service with every job. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies that do not have the training or the experience to properly care for your home. I encourage you to contact the BBB to learn about Roof-to-Deck Restoration. If you are considering a competitor, again, please contact the BBB, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  

Our  Restoration Process

Routine maintenance is required to extend the life and restore the natural beauty of your cedar roof. Some common issues with cedar roofs are moss & algae growth, missing or damaged shingles, separated peak caps and loose nails and staples. All of these will cause the elements to further damage your roof. Our restoration process repairs all of these issues along with conditioning it with our unique conditioning oils. and removes that “grey” weathered appearance. We’ll make sure to take away the “grey dinginess” and bring back your roof’s natural beauty and color.

Our unique oils are blended with an anti-fungus, anti-mold and anti-mildew agent to keep your roof free of recurrence of green growth and keeping its beautiful natural color for many years. We stand by our quality and guarantee our restoration process for five years!

Environmentally & Community Friendly

At Cedar Shake Restoration, we are always good stewards of the environment. We work with our vendors to recycle whenever possible, which reduces what goes into landfills as well as reduces costs. The cleaners we use are environmentally friendly and whenever possible, we use organic products. All of our vehicles have GPS Navigation which reduces travel times and fuel expense which also reduces emissions into the environment.

In addition, we support our community by sponsoring our local schools athletic programs and missions like “The World Race”.

I would like to thank Andy of Cedar Shake Restoration for donating a portion of his proceeds to my World Race Mission Trip. With his generosity I am able to travel around the world and help those who are less fortunate feel the love of God and spread happiness throughout. not only did he help me change my life, but also the lives of hundreds around the world I will be caring for. Thank you so much Andy! I wish you the best!

- Phillip Khamaua, 

The World Race - 11 Countries 11 Months (Oct 2010)